A ceasefire for Peace


It is iconic that most of our wishes may not come true in every way as long as there are political potholes within the road to freedom and peace, we as humanity cry day in and day out for a peaceful world, however our leaders politically are fueling the fighting of humans against humans. South Sudan is in crisis today, world leaders and governments are in no mood to help negotiate for peace, but are there to safeguard their own people, what about those that are not theirs? who does peace belong to? those that are born of mother power nations/those that are in conflict zones, who does the UN help? those that are former colonies of mother powers/those that are for peace. People of the world and world leaders if the ceasefire for peace is to be evident our leaders and politicians have to start showing their care and interest in the enforcing of peace in South Sudan.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the ceasefire talks that have began for South Sudan in Ethiopia 03/01/14


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