Fresh Love


A lot of us are in the brink of loosing our valued friends, families, relationships all because of the words that we use, we fail to listen and we want to be the ones who are always having the right words to say to the other part of the relationship. I am in a new year and my resolutions may have changed, yet there is a danger that my situation may not have changed and my love life is in disarray, its just a roll on situation. May i help someone on the second day of the year, so that when you decide to make resolutions you have a fresh start, love is the greatest gift and character one has to develop in order to change your dying and decaying situation, when you develop a new sweet language, accept sweetness and be attentive to some of the people who may be talking to you/in your life, then and then this year will begin with you in fresh love, be blessed and be a blessing


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