Eyes on Peace


We are desperate to see, yet our vision is not clear enough, we fight with time yet time is not in our sights, we are a people, humanity with aspirations and hope, today our year begins, our resolutions may have changed but our situation is the same. Peace is doing almost every single thing to be recognized, peace is in all directions to get attention, there is a worldwide organisation that is meant to keep peace throughout the world and peace is at the moment crying for the United Nations attention of peace to be negotiated in South Sudan, the quiet diplomacy has made the people of the world suffer in the eyes of the UN. All eyes are on peace today what are world leaders looking at, is it the same peace that all humanity is looking at? i believe the eye of peace is only with the masses not politicians, world leaders for humanity sake, let us all have our eyes on our most priced asserts that is peace and nothing but peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the fighting that is Continuing amid peace talks in South Sudan 02/01/14


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