The struggle for Peace


Today is a different story, today seems like a fresh day for our struggles as humanity, we are poor in mind and rich in tears, our crying is like wealth to our chicks, our children crying are like an alarm to wake a politician up, our running towards mosques and churches is like a new hymnal written by a top religious leader. Once we run a religious leader with open arms of hate is like saying, i told you it wont lust long in the hands of a politician, whilst the politician makes it look like, i wake up in the morning and confuse this whole world for your sake. What are arms doing in the hands of so called rebels, who supplies them with arms, today governments that are sworn in by the masses betray the masses trust by agreeing deals that cost the world peace both politicians and religious leaders are at fault and the tribunal of peace continues with the crimes of humanity placed in the hands of both. The struggle for peace is still a long way to be over, as long as the politician still dishes sower fruits to the religious leader and the religious leader does the same, we the masses shall govern the road to peace will soon be refined by the people, soon our today will be a better tomorrow.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on rebels taking a key Southern Sudan Town 19/12/13


The Rate of Success


One person asked me how do you rate success? i was puzzled by this kind of question and i could not for about a minute answer my friend the question, i believe today there may be someone out there with a similar question, how do rate success? may i first remind someone today that success is guaranteed to everyone, it is however to an individual how far they want to go in their success, now having pointed out the guarantee of success being for everyone, then comes the big question how you measure or rate success? success is not about money or material things, whatever you are good at, use it and believe in it, once you find two or three people in agreement with your idea that means you have a 100% success rate out of the two people that are seeing what you see, further if there are 20-30 believing in what you believe in great still you are 100% successful, so that is just a simple way of rating your success, i believe you are successful in every way, use your idea, tomorrow you may start having 10-15 people believing in what you believe in then that is your rate of success, i have used my rating and i believe you are too

Renewed Love


Life is like a journey it is not a destination, we live to travel and travail to live, a lot of us have just been in isolation in life, we may be asking ourselves where on earth did i go wrong?, the most important thing in life when you are in a relationship whether its a family or a romantic relationship, one has to reflect on what they have archived since being in that relationship. Love is renewable and a lot of us are still working on the basic staff you thought worked long time ago when you first became a family/when you first met her/him, may i just say to someone maybe at the position you are, you may want to leave/give up, if you made that choice it is however for you to see how old is the Technic you are using to maintain your relationship, renew it and make it fresh and that will help you to hold on. Merry Christmas and a happy loving 2014 stay in love, connect with love above all renew your love, be blessed and be a blessing

Doctors of Peace


We have a heart that cries, we have tears that are of blood, we have no one to blame, yet there is blame everywhere, we are all for peace, we have bleeding hearts, our children are born just to see a day, maybe two if they happen to be fortunate enough, we grieve the death of our unborn babies, as much as we grieve the death of those alive, our elders are helpless yet politicians claim to be helpful, we are human beings on the run yet the church/temple have become places where hate is taught, who is to blame is the question? It is however that the doctors of peace are themselves being murdered by the so called politicians and religious leaders, who by all means try to block the healing of hearts, the forgiving of one another, the doctors of peace are the multitudes, the people there in Syria, people in Somalia, those in Kenya, yes those in Zimbabwe, the doctors of peace are still being trained, the masses are a force to peace and soon they are going to be the medication to the end of wars and all un-peaceful forces.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Under Siege Syria 18/12/13 

Unjustified Success


If it were to be said today that how many of us want to be adopted by Bill Gates, and most probably Richard Bronson most of us will want to no matter how old you are, this is because there are benefits that comes with that adoption, fame, wealth and all the other hidden privileges that comes with it. I also ask a question as to why would most of us ever think of being adopted to inherit? this becomes the real way that most of us view success, we want to be given all the time, if success was truly justified we all have to be using our ideas to make it in life, like these men i mentioned above, they made it using their own ideas and you and i are not an exception.  May i remind someone that success does not need money or finances, however finances are attracted to best ideas that is a simple fact, what ideas do you have? who do you aspire to be? where do you see what you think taking you? and that my friends after all those simple questions are answered, that i call unjustified success, i believe it is justified to a few now, it has been justified to me, make yours work too

Rest on Love


This is just a song that no one has ever sang, it is a song that may heal your broken heart, it is a song that may reconcile you to that loved one that you turned an enemy, this song is so soothing that your heart may feel so whole like it has never been broken before. This is a song that you wished could have been sang at a funeral of the great respected man/woman you loved, this song is about you as an individual, this song will test your ability to stand, this song will test your patience, whilst building your patience, friend this song will give to you and ask you to do the same in return, this song will teach you what you never ever thought will be taught i human history, this song is just simple, it has its only true meaning to you and the rest of those that you hold dear to your heart, this song simply says i adore you as a person, the final lyrics are yet to be written, for now the lyrics just ends as just rest on love. Merry Christmas and a happy 2014, be blessed and be a blessing

The boost for Peace


Most of the the times we are in a world that worries so much about things that do not matter, such things if we look at them closely do not matter to us as ordinary peace loving people, however they do matter to a politician and a religious leader. Our worries today are not because there is no peace in the world, our worries are based on the wars that politicians and religious leaders are fighting, there is no weapon of mass destruction, the only toxic weapon created is just the thought of one party not wanting defeat, either the politician or the religious leader. These weapons of mass destruction if they were in existence and someone out there wanted to use them, then our world will be wiped out by today, religiously after any bill is passed by a politician and a religious leader seeming his way is being closed, boom there he goes there was a terror alert in a certain city in the world. The boost for peace requires both the people and the opposite leaders politically and religiously to come together and sit around the  table to discuss what is right for this world.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Japan boosting its arms in ordert to counter China 17/12/13 

Open Success


A lot of times i have been wondering how i can make it in life, i often have nothing that comes out so concrete that i can do to make me the most successful being on earth. One thing that i have recognized in all my stress is that, success is like an open door, one has to enter in and do what you wish to do when you are inside the door, most of us are very much afraid of getting in open doors and we miss our success/we are not sure when success has shown up, most of us our opportunities to succeed have gone and passed us by and they have come back again yet we still are afraid of using our ideas to make it in life, whatever it is that you think of make it work, work with it, work on it and that i tell you my friend is open success, it will open doors for you that you never thought could open up

Engaging Love


Most of the time we are the people that are very good at criticizing each other when things go wrong, we cry and cry yet we do not act, there is a lot that we have to look at when it comes to relationships. Relationships are meant to be exciting there are meant to have problems that are solvable all the times, a lot of us today have lost the mark and touch of engaging in a simple conversation, our relationships have become burdens, they have become unbearable all because of not managing to engage, once we engage in just a simple conversation we will understand the logic of fun in our relationships, Love is engaging it creates a relationship, it creates a working atmosphere for a relationship. The simplicity of love is just in the way you engage in a simple conversation, i believe that this may have hints of where we help each other in our areas of weakness, be blessed and be a blessing

The refuge of Peace


There is a lot that the world looks at and the world forgets about things that are right in front of their noses, we often cry for peace yet we have all the ammunition to get us peace. A lot of our leaders and governments have lost the power of making peace a resolution, but have made it a mandate to promote weapons of mass destruction. The people are the road to peace and the people make the grade as well they are the refuge to peace, Syrians are in crisis today, all a politician and a religious folk does is just the opposite of what peace is made of, political leaders are everywhere and fighting everywhere forgetting the most important aspect of peace in their own back yard. EU will walk in the streets of gold as peace is laid on the carpets of diamond in Syria, once EU leaders have known what it means to be peaceful then they will know how to implicate the refuge of peace, peace needs a place where violence is none existence and that place first and for most is in Syria.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on EU failing Syrian refugees 13/12/13