Swift Move of Peace


There are peaceful ways to which humanity can handle a crisis, it is however that due to the demand of war weapons that the world manufacture as food, war becomes an economic wagon. Peace can not be as long as we as nations are still in the business of manufacturing deadly weapons and loaning them to those that have conflicting ideas, if conflict is fueled by a latest AK 47 whichever way there is no longer negotiations, there is war, world over, governments, our financial status lies in peace not in the weapons that we manufacture, United Nations as a body do something about South Sudan, no one from the UN has spoken on the issues of South Sudan, UN you are a peace enforcing organisation, where are your peace methods, how are they working, peace now or more war in South Sudan what is the solution?.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on South Sudan army set to move on rebel held town of Bor 23/12/13


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