Hero of Love


A love so true

A love so gentle

A love so kind

This love i long for

What can i do, where do i start?

I was made to love and love stays in me, this is a song that most of us may love to hear, there are beautiful crafted songs to which most of us would love to hear, however due to our feelings demanding their needs we all end up in relationships where there is no hero to help us stand/to help us get to places where we long to be in relationships. May i just say Love is everyone else hero, it protects and cares, as you know love values are kindness, gentleness, giving and forgiving, not keeping record of wrongs and patience. Many of us are searching for a hero of love, never knowing  that this hero we all have, the hero of love is you, and just simply follow the guidelines of Love then you are a hero in your own relationship, Merry Christmas and a happy, full of love 2014, be blessed and be a blessing


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