Life of Peace


It is still a disheartening situation in South Sudan, how are we as human beings get to report news as to how our own people get attacked, yes it is not according to the way peace is handled, our governments are the way and force to peace, as we the people have initiated our governments into power. We as the world crave for peace, South Sudan is not an exception, world leaders it is vital that in times of trouble, we also concentrate on bringing peace instead of evacuating our own citizens, as a peace loving people and a peace life people our aims and objectives should be to end the trouble liaising with our people on the ground, peace can not be as long as we keep running away from the truth that our people being there is a cause for us to start a dialogue of negotiating peace. The life of peace is not taking our own utensils and leave the others who are not ours behind, in simple terms we are saying that our children go play in the jungle with others and when a lion strikes we serve our own children, not the society, who will be the society if our own children are left alone with no one else to play with? lets forever be glued to peace resolutions not running our own citizens away from peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on South Sudan Evacuation planes fired on 21/12/13 


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