Conquering Success


Most of us have ideas and yet they do not have the fighting spirit, they can not defend what they think of, we are a human race that is full of success, yet most of our own countries in the world are in clustering poverty, i am a man that believes in change, changing the people i live with, changing the environment i live in, changing the ideas of those that mean a lot to me which are the people in general. I have great ideas and i do not say that my ideas are the best, but i believe in them that what makes those ideas stand out, most of us today have great ideas and are good to succeed, however the thought of us standing for what we believe in becomes a threat, and then our ideas die in our minds. May i just encourage someone today, if we all agreed on ideas we have then we all could be having one car, one type of lifestyle, however we have different styles of life so is success there are levels to which you have to fight for your idea to come out, conquer the adds to enjoy the best. That is just my belief and i believe it may help you to make your own success work for you.


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