Limitless Love


A lot of the times i have counted the amount of money and effort that i have put for other people, in doing so i have believed that giving money and time and resources shows how much i care for those people, unfortunately how wrong i was, love is far beyond money and time you can easily provide that without your heart in it. There are a lot of us today who are investing so much money and time in their relationships, yet their mind and heart are not in the relationship, but the reward they expect out of that relationship. May i say first of all before you invest anything in your relationship you should invest your mind and heart to your relationship, then if you see that the rewards of your heart and mind, seeing that they are yielding fruits then you can invest whatever resources that you have in the relationship, may i just say to someone today, love is limitless, it is however that we as human beings limit it in all areas of our lives. This i mean by starting to class ourselves in different categories, yes it is good to have good aspirations but never let aspirations be your attributes into a good loving limitless relationship you wish for, no one is perfect out there, we are all working progress, so lets not limit love lets be in love go deeper and expect the best out of what we have at the moment, merry Christmas and a limitless love filled 2014, be blessed and be a blessing


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