Destined Success


I have been so much in poverty that i forget what it means to be successful, even to all those things that do not involve finances, i have become even bankrupt out of ideas. This is the state that most of us are in, in today’s world, businesses, entrepreneurs, ordinary people have lost their ability to think, thinking is a lifelong process, if you think you are making a plan, by producing a plan, you are creating a route, by creating a route, you have a destination in mind. Most of us today we are not successful not because there are no resources, but because we have stopped seeing where we are going/we have stopped thinking of our plans, start reviving that thought, start making that plan, start seeing that plan in motion have a destination where your idea is heading, think, think, think, think and think someone out there your success is in your idea, just think, yes that i call destined success it has made me move slightly out of my poverty margins, i am not happy yet but i have started thinking towards my wealthy place, see ill get there and i believe you can too


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