Civil Peace


There is enough hurt in the world today that if such hurt was turned into love and peace, our world will be the most encouraging and peaceful world that we all wish it could be. The number of political instabilities in the world, becomes the most monotonous adventure for the world, politicians and religious leaders fold their arms in heist, saying that it is all on us to fix or let things be, i am so disheartened by the actions of the so called mother powers and the UN, today i hear that South Sudan can in no time turn into a civil war and what does the world do? yes our caring and most valuable mother powers run to protect their own that live in South Sudan, may i ask this question are the South Sudanese not people? dont they need protection? if equality is what humanity needs it is fair for the world to find a solution while protecting all peace loving citizen of the world, why are our citizens in those areas? it is because they want to make a change and when change comes it should not come only for them, it should come also for those that they intend to mix with to build a better and a fairer place where peace abides. Civil peace is a mast, we as humanity both leaders and the civil society have to work together to archive our so desired goal of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on South Sudan on precipice of a civil war 20/12/13


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