The struggle for Peace


Today is a different story, today seems like a fresh day for our struggles as humanity, we are poor in mind and rich in tears, our crying is like wealth to our chicks, our children crying are like an alarm to wake a politician up, our running towards mosques and churches is like a new hymnal written by a top religious leader. Once we run a religious leader with open arms of hate is like saying, i told you it wont lust long in the hands of a politician, whilst the politician makes it look like, i wake up in the morning and confuse this whole world for your sake. What are arms doing in the hands of so called rebels, who supplies them with arms, today governments that are sworn in by the masses betray the masses trust by agreeing deals that cost the world peace both politicians and religious leaders are at fault and the tribunal of peace continues with the crimes of humanity placed in the hands of both. The struggle for peace is still a long way to be over, as long as the politician still dishes sower fruits to the religious leader and the religious leader does the same, we the masses shall govern the road to peace will soon be refined by the people, soon our today will be a better tomorrow.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on rebels taking a key Southern Sudan Town 19/12/13


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