Gentle Love


Love has flown away, our relationships are playing catch up with love, broken hearts are trying to be mended in the name of previous love, it is love that has messed someone up to the state of being an alcoholic, a drug addict, a homeless person and the list goes on and on. May i just say this may be the shortest love message ill blog about, if love was that so evil as others may associate it with, why are families there? that is just one point that you have to recognize that your mistakes as a person/mistakes of others does not make love bad. We the people have messed ourselves up all in the name of love, its in the name of love remember, we are not messed up because of love, we use love as an excuse for our troubles, our actions may have cost us our relationships not love, love is gentle when you become rough on it, it leaves and hate takes over and hurt follows after, then one bad after another, so let us look into our actions and be gentle on love so that we can enjoy the best in our relationships, merry Christmas and a happy full of love 2014, be blessed and be a blessing


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