The Rate of Success


One person asked me how do you rate success? i was puzzled by this kind of question and i could not for about a minute answer my friend the question, i believe today there may be someone out there with a similar question, how do rate success? may i first remind someone today that success is guaranteed to everyone, it is however to an individual how far they want to go in their success, now having pointed out the guarantee of success being for everyone, then comes the big question how you measure or rate success? success is not about money or material things, whatever you are good at, use it and believe in it, once you find two or three people in agreement with your idea that means you have a 100% success rate out of the two people that are seeing what you see, further if there are 20-30 believing in what you believe in great still you are 100% successful, so that is just a simple way of rating your success, i believe you are successful in every way, use your idea, tomorrow you may start having 10-15 people believing in what you believe in then that is your rate of success, i have used my rating and i believe you are too


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