Doctors of Peace


We have a heart that cries, we have tears that are of blood, we have no one to blame, yet there is blame everywhere, we are all for peace, we have bleeding hearts, our children are born just to see a day, maybe two if they happen to be fortunate enough, we grieve the death of our unborn babies, as much as we grieve the death of those alive, our elders are helpless yet politicians claim to be helpful, we are human beings on the run yet the church/temple have become places where hate is taught, who is to blame is the question? It is however that the doctors of peace are themselves being murdered by the so called politicians and religious leaders, who by all means try to block the healing of hearts, the forgiving of one another, the doctors of peace are the multitudes, the people there in Syria, people in Somalia, those in Kenya, yes those in Zimbabwe, the doctors of peace are still being trained, the masses are a force to peace and soon they are going to be the medication to the end of wars and all un-peaceful forces.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Under Siege Syria 18/12/13 


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