Unjustified Success


If it were to be said today that how many of us want to be adopted by Bill Gates, and most probably Richard Bronson most of us will want to no matter how old you are, this is because there are benefits that comes with that adoption, fame, wealth and all the other hidden privileges that comes with it. I also ask a question as to why would most of us ever think of being adopted to inherit? this becomes the real way that most of us view success, we want to be given all the time, if success was truly justified we all have to be using our ideas to make it in life, like these men i mentioned above, they made it using their own ideas and you and i are not an exception.  May i remind someone that success does not need money or finances, however finances are attracted to best ideas that is a simple fact, what ideas do you have? who do you aspire to be? where do you see what you think taking you? and that my friends after all those simple questions are answered, that i call unjustified success, i believe it is justified to a few now, it has been justified to me, make yours work too


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