The boost for Peace


Most of the the times we are in a world that worries so much about things that do not matter, such things if we look at them closely do not matter to us as ordinary peace loving people, however they do matter to a politician and a religious leader. Our worries today are not because there is no peace in the world, our worries are based on the wars that politicians and religious leaders are fighting, there is no weapon of mass destruction, the only toxic weapon created is just the thought of one party not wanting defeat, either the politician or the religious leader. These weapons of mass destruction if they were in existence and someone out there wanted to use them, then our world will be wiped out by today, religiously after any bill is passed by a politician and a religious leader seeming his way is being closed, boom there he goes there was a terror alert in a certain city in the world. The boost for peace requires both the people and the opposite leaders politically and religiously to come together and sit around the  table to discuss what is right for this world.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Japan boosting its arms in ordert to counter China 17/12/13 


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