Rest on Love


This is just a song that no one has ever sang, it is a song that may heal your broken heart, it is a song that may reconcile you to that loved one that you turned an enemy, this song is so soothing that your heart may feel so whole like it has never been broken before. This is a song that you wished could have been sang at a funeral of the great respected man/woman you loved, this song is about you as an individual, this song will test your ability to stand, this song will test your patience, whilst building your patience, friend this song will give to you and ask you to do the same in return, this song will teach you what you never ever thought will be taught i human history, this song is just simple, it has its only true meaning to you and the rest of those that you hold dear to your heart, this song simply says i adore you as a person, the final lyrics are yet to be written, for now the lyrics just ends as just rest on love. Merry Christmas and a happy 2014, be blessed and be a blessing


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