Understanding Love


Sometimes i sit and think that maybe had i done things in a different way i could have been someone in life, i believe a lot of us have these moments of reflection, we may have been struggling to keep our relationships alive both family wise and personal relationship wise. May i be the first to admit, i do not understand how love works, but i am the one that want to understand and walk in it, my belief of love is that it understands you even if you dont understand it, remember as to how may times you have said gosh i am never ever going to fall in love again, but in a space of a week you are back at it, flattering girls/women/man around, this is because love understands that you are a human being you are fond to make mistakes, may i say to all that are lovers today try not to know everything about love, just try understanding the person you are in a relationship with. A lot of us concentrate on wanting to understand love than wanting to understand people we converse everyday with, may this help you as i believe it has helped me to identify my key areas of weakness, be blessed and be a blessing


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