Execution of Peace


There are organisations that we sometimes blame ourselves for their existence, some of these organisations have been set up by us and with the sole responsibility of reaping peace dividends out of. It is so surprising today that a religious leader and a politician try to justify peace to the peace loving masses, a politician justifies his creation of weapons of mass destruction as a way of dealing with terror, and a religious folk tries to justify themselves as defending peace, need i say both the politician and religious folk have to sit down and iron their differences and that is when the plan of peace can be executed, peace can not be as long as humanity is still divided, with one section in support of the religious folk and the other with a politician. Our road to peace is just been one mile traveled, yet we have had a lot of advocates go in that mile we have traveled, there are still other miles that we have to travel and without understanding of both politician and religious leader other miles are hard to travel.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the Bangladesh Islamist execution upheld by the supreme court 12/12/13


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