Enthroned Success


Most of us today are royalty and we are walking with our workers, however our subjects are our bosses, have you ever sat down to ask yourself one question, how does that millionaire who is your age make it? does that person have the different day as you? do they live in a different world as you? where they born outside a hospital or inside it? if you have answers to this then you will find out that success is only enthroned by you, you as an individual is your own king/queen make your kingdom. Believe in your kingdom, by kingdom i mean your ideas need to be your subjects, you have to make your ideas work for you, make success your throne sit on that throne as if you are born with it, everyone of us is born with the same opportunities in life it is how we envision ourselves despite the environment we all come from. Some environments are not worth a kingdom, but because you are a king/queen in the inside of you, you establish a kingdom in that environment and that i call enthroned success i am ready for it and i am practically motivated by it are you?


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