Long Walk to Our Peaceful immagination


Once in our lives there was a place where a black human being was not supposed to be in the same street as a white human being, that was called segregation by many, some may have applauded the way things where going. Peace was just at the sidelines not walking and being in support of the idea, however peace was walking along both sides giving some tracks on how humanity should live in one peace, some understood and came in one, walked the talk, yet some are still today not even an inch close, those that oppressed them are paying for doing so, and whatever the opinion of peace is to some today no one cares. It is a long way to our peaceful imaginations that is if we are indeed as humanity imagining peace at some point soon. As one hero that has combined the whole world today lie in peace, peace is still calling for that road to be cleared by politicians and religious leaders who like in the old have divided people according to their beliefs not according to peace, yes peaceful means are resourceful as we work towards forgiveness.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the tributes to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as his body is sent to the state in Union Buildings 11/12/13


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