Efficient Love


A lonely road most of us have traveled, we have travailed along the way, fallen and risen up along the way, once there is that motivation in one, they are remarkably in the way of giving the best in love, this i say the more you suffer loneliness the more you understand how to be patient with someone when you have them. Most of us today are living our lives in a relationship as single beings, this has made us want to exert authority on one another because of our past, it may not be the best past you may have had as a person, however when you are in the future be efficient with your love. Love is the most efficient thing humanity has missed, we have missed such in our relationships because when love shows up, we open our history book, no friend its not history time it is future time, sorry for me to bring in a man who i so respect so much to me he is more relevant to this blog Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela as he lies and rests in peace his life became an example of efficient love, when he came out of prison he negotiated peace and love, as well as reconciliation and true reconciliation. Most of us today we can not reconcile with our exes we think that they were wrong and they think the same, Mandela gave an example and he lived the example when love showed up he shut the history book and embraced the future, i pray that efficient love finds you and you find efficiency in it, be blessed and be a blessing


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