Emphasis of Love


I read a book and i felt like i was part of the struggle in South Africa, i heard the songs free Nelson Mandela, at the time it made no meaning to me as i thought that it was just nice songs, as i learn about this man who gave up all that he had just to fight for the rights of every South African to be fair and equal, then i do not see an icon, but i see a man who is more than a pastor in church, Mandela taught the world the true meaning of forgiveness which is a true meaning of Love. Love is continually doing good even if you feel oppressed, the emphasis of love has been left behind by the deeds of a man who no one in the church world can do half of the things he did, most of our pastors today tell us that they are human, yes we know, there goes a man who i believe was loved by many and hated by a few, this is the true emphasis of Love, its my own view hope it does not sway you away from yours be blessed and be a blessing


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