Treasure of Love


There are times when we indeed need happiness, these are the times when happiness seems not to be found, relationships in our days have become a game of chess that the one with a killer move wins, relationships in our days are just so empty that it is all about winning than love. There is some digging to do for a lot of us, as we try to walk in these wonderful roads of love, there is a treasure out there that may make our fortunes go right in our relationships, this is a treasure that may guide each and everyone of us to our wealthy love place. The treasure of love is recognizing one’s mistakes and then say the magic word, sorry that is the most difficult word to come out of humanity in our today’s world. Women expect that word and think that it is their right to get it, elsewhere men think that despite that i am wrong why should i be the one to keep apologizing? may i just say the treasure of love is understanding where you go wrong and fix it as a team, when your relationship becomes a game there will always be problems in it, so find the treasure of love work on your relationship fit it with love, be blessed and be a blessing


One thought on “Treasure of Love

  1. Two thoughts come to my mind by your statements.

    Someone said “true love is never having to say your sorry.” (think before you say or act)

    What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom

    Regards and good will blogging

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