The command of peace


The world today is in turmoil because of the politicians and religious leaders, everyone one these two wants to be right, with the politician making it seem like the religious folk is the wrong guy right in the eyes of the world, on the other hand the religious leader is crying out to the people saying it is the politician who has left us in this pit. May i point out that the power and command of peace is in the wheel of the people. The people are the commanders of peace, they are the negotiators of peace, sooner or later to those that are with the politician will recognize that they will have to join forces with the ones with the religious folk in order for peace to prevail, no weapon formed against humanity will defeat peace, the authors of peace stand always to be the masses.

Edwin Mathe in responce to a BBC article on the death of the Hezbollah senior commander 04/12/13 


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