The Knowledge of Love


Our lives today are so full of emptiness there is no information in our relationships whatsoever, the teacher has become a student and the student has become the teacher, its chaos in our own relationships. Today we have relationships of inconvenience, someone was hungry and i bought them a piece of cake so they got to pay me back kind of thing, then in their payback there was a kid and then we decided to give that kid both parents who are in different worlds all-together, making the word love a scary one in that relationship. The knowledge of love is believing in the principles of love, which are patience kindness, giving and forgiving, may i stress especially to a species called men, giving something to a woman does not warranty pay back, unless and until if that woman is in business with you. Men today have humiliated the true meaning of manhood, they have taken advantage of situations women go through and have made it difficult for this world to love, may i just point out this, if you and i learn the meaning of giving and distinguish the difference between giving and investing then and then we can fall in love and start leaning the true meaning of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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