The journey into Peace


A famous statesman once said it is a long way to freedom, yes in today’s world freedom is such a long way to those that are indeed free, freedom is no longer about those that oppressed the Africans and were called colonizers, but today suppressors are humans to humans nothing to do with color. In all our dealings as humanity we all have forgotten the power of us together as a human race that peace relies on us the people and without religion and politics separating us we are nowhere near archiving the best for our children and their children, the journey to peace requires us as humanity to live in oneness tackling our differences in a civilized manner. Today our egos avoid the precious aspect of life to save the evil in the name of politics and religion, my fist is cliched my teeth are grind, my tears running down my cheeks, i am an advocate for you and i and you can as well be an advocate for someone else. This journey is so far long and we can not be silent as peace is being humiliated, its now or never the journey to peace has to have a route and meaning to humanity.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the journey to fear in the Central African Republic 03/12/13 


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