Seduced Love


Most of us today live a life and we are not sure when our next move is going to come from, most of us think that we are in relationships that we share love in, yet we are in relationships where we are only seduced by our own lusts and feelings. May i just point out two important things that happen in our human life, especially when it comes to relationships, most of us believe that when we are told the word i love you that means the world to us. Relationships today are just based on feeling and the word love is like icing on the cake, it is not regarded as the cake itself, it is a word we use like a finishing maneuver, or a thank you after sex, may i just point out that the first relationship that we have is either a feelings relationship that only includes the physical attention of things or we are in a relationship that takes care of both the physical and the emotional side of things that includes forgiving and giving, patience and kindness. Hopefully this helps someone today as it may be you in one or both situations, looking for love is not just about feeling it is about knowing the true meaning of the word love, be blessed and be a blessing


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