A cold war of peace


Collisions power hungry politicians make people suffer all because of their selfish ambitions, the way to address the problem to a staving nation is the provision of food, the only solution to a dying nation is to provide them with peaceful means. Today our world is staving and there are no solutions to the problems solemnly created by politicians, our world is full of wars were there is no solution to peaceful means to end the wars. People are so much defiant and the people shall rule over the dialogue of peace, the people will march to their freedom, no matter how many/how long it will take, no nuclear weapon nor dialogue will change the peace protest, the war to peace is a cold one, so the people are making it more warm by discussing and exposing the rotten efforts of both the politician and the religious leader.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iran backing out of a nuclear deal 11/11/13

Success raising


There is a tune that sounds wrong at all times it comes, there is a place that you feel is not the one that you have always wanted to be in, most of us are in similar positions, we have ideas and we feel like if they were to be out there, we may be in a better position, may i just ask what is it that is stopping your idea to be out there? mostly it is fear, you are afraid that maybe you are not the right kind of person to implement your ideas. There is one thing that you have to imprint in your mind and heart confidence, confidence not only in yourself but your thoughts, think your thoughts with confidence, make your thoughts work, think them with authority. Lake of confidence has made you sing the wrong notes, lake of confidence has made you be in the wrong place, so raise your success levels, be the best, do the best and there is no other success raising that you may see, it is all in you and your confidence. I see Success raising in me and i am building up for it, i believe you are too

Unbroken deal of peace


Our political world today is at loggerheads with the religious systems and political forms, while peace is waiting on the sidelines to be negotiated, hate between nations on religious matters have made humanity resolve their cases with toxic substances that has cost the world enough for a lifetime. Let hate be passed over to the animals who in their nature are fighters and hunters, humanity has peace to live for, if peace is worth dying for then it is not worth living for, may we all broker deals that include the masses, politicians make deals and they can not agree to them costing peace another fortune, may i stress the people suffer because of these ignorant, selfish politicians and religious leaders. A peace deal is yet to be broken, yes it is yet to be negotiated, the masses will negotiate peace and the politician and a religious folk will be there to witness. Sooner or later it should be put right that we all are very much convinced, the unbroken deal of peace is with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on a no deal at Iran nuclear talks 10/11/13

Lighter Success


A lot of people in life have made it yet they make it look like success is only achievable when you are superhuman, may i just encourage one businessperson today or you are an entrepreneur, success is not what you value it to be, yes it requires a lot of work on your side but it is just the lighter thing to do. A lot of us have just wanted a lot of things at one go, may i just say just take one step at a time, identify what is more important first then work on it, believe in it, know for sure that once it has been thought by you, then there is no one else who is going to think and accomplish it except you. This is just my own observation it may work for you, it may not, however i guarantee you that one of the statements within this text may help you notice that success is not hard, but you as an individual you are hard on it.

Just Love


There are times in life that we as a people think our relationships just demand a lot from us, we just feel like the ones that we love do not appreciate what we do in our relationships, sometimes it may be true, sometimes it may just be our thoughts taking us away from precious things that we have. May i just stand and encourage us today,  love is on its own, and it does not give in to suggestions, it is just love. We have tried using short cuts to achieve the goals of love that simply say “hey im just love, just walk in my terms then we can enjoy a lifelong journey together, just do not be selfish would you;” a lot of our relationships have no us, it is every individual that wants his/her time, we are inconsiderate of what another has done, well from today starting with myself i will change my ways and start just to love and stop selfishness. I know you can do it too, be blessed as well as being a blessing

Tributes to Peace


As a human race today is the darkest day in peace, peace mourns its heroes the people that have fought the adversities of political injustice, religious misinterpretations and misrepresentation. There is a road to peace yet there is a lot of work to do, the negotiators of peace in one side of the world has been hit, they have been hit by natural causes despite what the politician and a religious leader say. Now is the time we have to recognize the heroes of peace, yes the fallen and the ones that are so desperately fighting for their lives, i pay tribute to the nation of Philippines, nature has robed us of the power of those that advocated and still advocate for peace throughout the world, we have lost soldiers, fathers, mothers and children through this storm Typhoon Haiyan, we cry with you all people that are mourning, we give our deepest sympathies, yes together in peace we shall mach on.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article Philippines storm toll tops 100 09/11/13

Sailing Success


There where times in life i personally could dream of my own business, yes i had a dream of one, today i am dreaming of many. I have not yet established one yet but i am in a stronger position of dreaming, may i just encourage someone today, business man/woman, entrepreneur and a business leader/ordinary folk out there, your dream is your boat in this sea of success, there will be waves that the sea will bring, it only depends how strong your dream is to withstand the waves, let your dream start sailing you to your vision, let that dream as a vision start sailing you to the greatest stage of your life. Where do you want to be? where are you sailing to?, my dream sails me to my wealthy place, i know that and i believe that, further more i see it, i believe you also do, so let us start sailing on success