Success Move


There are days when one feels that life is not so fare, there is nothing that we seem to be doing that is  working, yes it is so common that such things happen and such feelings are un-avoidable. The question will be what is it that you do when you are feeling this way, cry yourself to death?/just hope on the train of sorrow like everyone else and believe all will be fine? May i just say to someone today, there is nothing that is going to be fine, sorry if i did not raise your hopes too high, that is the truth, there is nothing that is going to be fine by itself. If it is going to be fine you have to work on it as a person, that idea that you have, it will not just come out of your heard, you have to work it out of your heard, make it a vision write about it, write it on walls, on your phone, tablet whichever mode where you can see that over and over again then you will move with it. That is what i call success move, it is moving me and i a moving with it, are you?


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