Love traits


There is a lot that we as a people have labored for in our time, hence most of the times we have nothing to show for it, we have worked so hard to make our relationships work, however the effort that we put may be not enough to those that we love. We may be struggling at times to make those that we profess to love understand our own side of the story. The truth is that there is nothing to hide yet the other person does not understand, there is nothing to talk about yet there is someone that we may be seeing and talking to according to them. Love traits are there when such efforts are put you maintain the level of intelligence to stay focused on wining the person and make our relationships work, the simple trait of love is just be the bigger person say im sorry if you are wrong, just be quick to forgive and give. Those i believe may help us grow in love for a better generation, be blessed and be a blessing


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