A cold war of peace


Collisions power hungry politicians make people suffer all because of their selfish ambitions, the way to address the problem to a staving nation is the provision of food, the only solution to a dying nation is to provide them with peaceful means. Today our world is staving and there are no solutions to the problems solemnly created by politicians, our world is full of wars were there is no solution to peaceful means to end the wars. People are so much defiant and the people shall rule over the dialogue of peace, the people will march to their freedom, no matter how many/how long it will take, no nuclear weapon nor dialogue will change the peace protest, the war to peace is a cold one, so the people are making it more warm by discussing and exposing the rotten efforts of both the politician and the religious leader.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Iran backing out of a nuclear deal 11/11/13


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