Unbroken deal of peace


Our political world today is at loggerheads with the religious systems and political forms, while peace is waiting on the sidelines to be negotiated, hate between nations on religious matters have made humanity resolve their cases with toxic substances that has cost the world enough for a lifetime. Let hate be passed over to the animals who in their nature are fighters and hunters, humanity has peace to live for, if peace is worth dying for then it is not worth living for, may we all broker deals that include the masses, politicians make deals and they can not agree to them costing peace another fortune, may i stress the people suffer because of these ignorant, selfish politicians and religious leaders. A peace deal is yet to be broken, yes it is yet to be negotiated, the masses will negotiate peace and the politician and a religious folk will be there to witness. Sooner or later it should be put right that we all are very much convinced, the unbroken deal of peace is with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on a no deal at Iran nuclear talks 10/11/13


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