Just Love


There are times in life that we as a people think our relationships just demand a lot from us, we just feel like the ones that we love do not appreciate what we do in our relationships, sometimes it may be true, sometimes it may just be our thoughts taking us away from precious things that we have. May i just stand and encourage us today,  love is on its own, and it does not give in to suggestions, it is just love. We have tried using short cuts to achieve the goals of love that simply say “hey im just love, just walk in my terms then we can enjoy a lifelong journey together, just do not be selfish would you;” a lot of our relationships have no us, it is every individual that wants his/her time, we are inconsiderate of what another has done, well from today starting with myself i will change my ways and start just to love and stop selfishness. I know you can do it too, be blessed as well as being a blessing


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