Suspect of peace


Most of the times the world is in tears, a lot of people are suffering from things like the floods, the earthquakes and all these natural disasters that we have to deal with in humanity. This becomes not recognizable in the eyes of a political leader and a religious leader, understand that all the world needs is a a voice that just simply say we are together in trouble and we are together in happiness, that assuring voice makes this world a better world. Today politicians and religious leaders are in a battle to make the world love them, they suspect one another at the expense of the masses, they have inquiries going on for their own selfishness, yet the masses suffer. There is no time that the world and the politicians as well as all the religious leaders have ever suspected one another of breaking the peace that people truly deserve, the suspect of peace is the politician and the religious leader that rob the people their power of negotiating peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Israel only Arafat death suspect 08/11/13


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