The Language of Love


At many times we fail in our relationships not because we can not do things, we fail because of what we say to each other, today millions of marriages and relationships are in the verge of breaking down/have already broken down all because of what one said or both of the people said. Love is just like a rose, once you know how to take care of it you will see it blossom, so your relationship can work based on the language you have in it, i have noticed a lot of people when we are in need of something we create a language that will entice the person that has what we want, but when it comes to our relationships where we are meant to love and be loved, that is where we do not even know how to just appologise, the word sorry i messed up does not come and if it comes it has a fault attached to it. May i just encourage someone today if you have a relationship that is about to be in the rocks, or that is in the rocks just look at what you said along the way and go back and do the wrongs right, remember love is kind so it speaks kindly. You know what to do, just do your best, be blessed and be a blessing


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