Cautious optimum peace


There is in life a very strong belief in human race that one day things will work out better for a world that we all live in, despite what we see with our eyes, despite what we hear with our ears, there is nothing that is greater than peace. The anticipation of peace in our generation will take another generation to anticipate if we are just sitting on the sidelines and letting religious and political leaders continue to  destroy peace. May it be noted that politicians and religious leaders are like security guards of peace, the owners and negotiators of peace are the people, yes the human race. We are the authors of peace let us stop being optimistic about what we desperately long for and wait for the guards to do our job. They have guarded our entry enough, hence let us trade in a very optimistic and real way, thus to say the people will march, yes the road to freedom is clear, our mandate to peace is bright, peace is now for our generations to learn from. The dialogue we have now will emphasis the power we hold in the the peace revolution.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on cautious optimism at Iran nuclear talks 07/11/13


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