The rebellion of peace


It is to the amazement of the world that when hash things happen we normally say was that meant to happen, by such statement we are accepting that indeed we know that a wrong has been done and we acknowledge it, however we have nothing to do to avoid the wrongs. Politicians and religious leaders have made peace a more unsustainable commodity within humanity, the language of peace have changed to the language of terror, insurgents, and rebels. The so called people that preach peace are not worthy to preach it, politicians blame religious leaders as religious leaders blame politicians for the mess the world is in. The advocates of peace are silent and today i give a hint to both the politician and a religious leader the people are rebellious they are the qualified authors and administers of peace, despite the hate of a political leader to a religious leader the rebellion of peace has started and it is with the masses it is with the people.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on the M23 DRC Rebels laying down arms against their government 06/11/13.


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