Analogue of Love


We sometimes are not satisfied with what we have and often want more, we are in relationships yet in times we just want something that maybe one of the people we are dating or are part of one’s family may have, may i just say what you choose you see it beautiful and glamorous in your eyes that is why you chose that person in the first place. Love has no boundaries, yet most of us tie boarders to it, we have thought and compared our previous relationships to the ones that we have, may i just remind you that what is perfect in love is your commitment to love first then your relationship will fall into place. Love is just so amazing when you know how to analyse what you say, what you bring into the relationship, how much you are patient with things that may annoy you in a person you are with, lets just all be good people, love like you we are so hungry for love, be blessed and be a blessing


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