Unrecognized Success


There are a lot of us who believe success is having a lot of money, having a good life and all the luxury that money can buy, may i say to someone yes that may define success to someone but at times that may define failure, like one boxer once said hitting hard does not mean anything when you have nothing to hit, thus to say money can not define success, but what you use that money for defines how successful you are, most of us are more successful in life but they are just average because they do not know they are successful. There is that strong idea that you have and there is that little voice that keeps saying you can do it, yet the other louder one that has nothing in place for your idea keeps saying you cant make it, just follow that little soft voice and push to do what you are good at, remember i said what you are good at not what people tell you, you are good at. Just that i call unrecognized success its waiting for you to recognize it, are you going to do the right thing/you are still going to be down?


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