Prestigious Love


Love can not just be the word, that word has to mean something to everyone, it has to have action on anyone, there are times most of us just use that word proportionally, we are just saying that word for just saying sake. Most of our relationships today are just full of words and not action, we have no action in any way and there is stagnancy in our relationships, we do not move forward in our relationships because, we are just talkers not doers, we talk love, we do not do love, in actual sense we do not love. Love has its own pride, it prides itself in patience, kindness, giving and forgiving, unselfishness, so on and so on, now if you just want to move to the next level of your relationship stop talking start walking in love, be blessed and be a blessing


2 thoughts on “Prestigious Love

    • Thank you for the comment it is so much appreciated we do our level best to make this blog the best that love can give and remind us as a people to love one another, your comment is more valuable to me, thank you again for your comment stay in love know love is the best thing that ever happenned to humanity Yours Edwin Mathe

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