Militant Peace


There are many ways to which we sit and discus the ethos of our being, humanity has been hanged for treason, there is not even a single politician today in the word who does things for the people, every politician and religious leader has become a force of their own. The road to peace may be wide and long, it is the masses that make the whole trip to the end of it, the people have outweighed the power of both the politician and religious folk to become the most dominant force in the peace negotiation process. There are no bombs, nor nuclear weapons that may dent the confidence of the masses to live in the peace belt, despite suicidal actions, the masses will sing a song of peace, yes at the end of this tough road there is justice, and the end of this tough road the masses will have the last lough, yes at the end of this tough road there is a round table prepared for the masses to negotiate peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Pakistan attack on militant chief’ Nabi Hanafi killing many people 03/10/13


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