Crown of Love


There are most times when we all feel like there is a lot that we are doing and there is less recognition that we get from the ones that we do such things for. It is so amazing that love becomes a word that we say for the sake of making one happy/a word used to shut someone that is too talkative up, may i say it is love that builds a relationship, hear me well its not the word i love you that builds the relationship, it is the action of the one that is giving that gift, love is a gift and a few of us have that, most of us are in training camps instead of relationships, once we learn how to give love then we are not ready to receive it. Love is like a golden crown only those that are qualified to love wear that crown, and those that wear the crown know how to serve, remember that the crown of love is worn by those that are willing to give, those that are willing to sacrifice, those that show patience and resilience, that is just the crown of love it does not just come, one has to work for it, i am working very hard towards mine are you? be blessed and be a blessing


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