An Edge closer to Peace


So many times we are a people that are influenced by decisions of other people other than our own decisions, our political and religious world have made the choices of humanity hard, as the laws that are set by both of these circles make life a more difficult one to live for just ordinary people. it is therefore be in-stored to both the politician and the religious folk that some day the word of peace has to be spoken ans such a word has to be said in unison, it is only the masses/the people that will sound that horn, yes the negotiation of peace is edging closer, the politician and a religious folk has failed to negotiate for what the ordinary people stand for, they have failed to negotiate for peace. Peace is closer and yes the people in the world of today are the voice behind this revolution, it is evident that peace is just so close.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Syrian disarmament team beginning work 01/10/13 


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