Dedicated Love


There are days when one feels this is not my day, there are days that are just so hard and one may think it is not just worth going out but staying indoors, sometimes staying in there is the biggest problem and the only solution is to get out there and make something of a day one may think is not worth it. Love at times is often like that, there are times when one feels burdened in their relationship, they feel like even though its nice to be seen in public as happy, there is a greater problem to be solved in ones heart than the face that shows happiness. There is the best way of overcoming such an emotion in love, dedicate your time to talking to one another, dedicate your time to knowing and learning each others language, there are times when ones language may sound very strong to another/their language may be misinterpreted, so dedication of time in love is the best key to a working and great relationship, be blessed and be a blessing

Pressing Peace


At most times we are a generation that believe in what we we see, amazingly what we see becomes more harmful to us than what we do not want to see, our world today is full of surprises. Everything in today’s world is just so surprising, it is amazing how we just can not be bothered about important things that may help us to be a better people. Politicians have identified our weaknesses and they know now how to exploit them, they have taken our focus from the most valuable aspect of our lives, which is peace. Peace has been made not negotiable by the owners of it but deemed negotiable by those that are not fit to negotiate it, politicians have taken the people’s spotlight in the negotiating of peace, they have not pressed hard enough to make peace the best asset to negotiate, soon the people will realize that the dream to be pressed on is the asset of peace and in such a day the politician will loose hi/her spotlight and peace will reign and be pressed by the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on France to press Russia over the Syrian conflict 17/09/13

Valued success


There are times when we think we are at the end of what we started, yet it is still enjoyable and hard to let go, yes it is not what one may think but they may have thought the enjoyable idea has ended. May i just wake someone up, what you think may be your end may just be your beggining, success is making the best out of the best, stop that winning and crying for something that you made, make it work maintain it in shape start valuing your success, don’t just make it enjoy and vanish, may i say make it, work it, enjoy it, maintain the level of enjoyment, that to my understanding is valued success, i have it and i believe you do too

Challenged Love


Most of us think in our minds everyday that if there was a chance and we can have a relationship with either that guy on TV/Magazine, our lives and love life may be perfect. May i just be honest with you for a bit, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but we are the people to work on happiness ourselves to make our relationships work. There are times when one may feel like quitting a relationship they have, all because of challenges they face, love can face challenges but it does not mean that love is mean, you face challenges in your relationship, it is the way you handle those challenges in love. Most of us are in relationships yet they have no clue of the qualities love possess in their relationships, love can be challenged, yet it is kind to solve your problems, love can be challenged yet it is patient, love can be challenged yet it is forgiving, how challenged are you in your relationship? I believe despite the challenges you are facing you will hang on there and be a lover more and more, be blessed and be a blessing

Delayed Action for Peace


There are times that we all believe the world is in chaos and there is no resolution to the problems we all create, politicians create chaos in the world, the masses are meant to play along with the conflicts that these politicians create. No time frame can be given by the politicians as to when peace can be negotiated, no ground can be set by a politician as to which sector has peace to be given, it is time now that politicians play along with the time of the masses, the people speak and advocate for their right, the right to peace. No matter how many years it may take for the people to air their views on peace, peace can not be delayed neither its action can be delayed, whenever the masses negotiate peace it is that time peace can be.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Syria Peace Resolution 16/09/13

Strength of Success


I have had my fare share of wrongs, there are mistakes in my life i just wish i can rewind and correct, it is however that my past can not correct the wrongs i am doing now. A lot of us have just been living in the past and the mistakes that you made in the past are now reflecting on your current life, businesses are now suffering because of the ignorance of us as leaders and owners, we do not want to change the things that made us who we are, change is a greatest way of eliminating fears of falling, the strength of success in life lies in change, change the way you think, do not let your past mistakes rule you in your new ideas, i have the power and i get to erase my past mistakes and live with what i can to make the best of my success life, so are you, that is just the strength of success.

Un-threatened Peace


Most of the times we have some people that believe that the world simply evolves around them, all they do is just manipulate everyone and they feel very accomplished by their bullish ways. It is however that no matter how much of being bullied peace remains the center and core of the masses priority and lesser of the politicians. Politicians have made their presence known but not their intentions, the masses make their presence known and they have speculated in depth of what they want, peace is what the masses settle for at a time when everything goes and the threat of a politicians seeming to be taking over. Yes it is an ideal that is worth living for and further an ideal that is worth winning for, the threat to peace can not be the best way to eliminate the voice of the masses, peace is so not threatened by air strikes, it can not be threatened by any military force, when the masses speak, so shall peace be safe.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US dropping the Syria military threat 14/09/13