Success Up Your Sleeves


There are hidden treasures in our lives, some that we know of, some that we have to discover ourselves, sometimes such treasures are not in those places that are so complicated to find, sometimes yes indeed there are in those places that are so difficult to find. Let me just add a bit of inspiration to your day as a business person today or aspiring business person, success is just under your sleeves and you just been wearing that shirt and not knowing how much of success you have, success is just that simple idea you have and that simple thought you think everyday, may i say to someone just discover what you do best and stick to it, do it in the best way that you can, that is simple success up your sleeves, i have discovered what is best for me and i capitalize on it, it works and i know it will work for you too, stop complicating success you just have it, start living in it


Power of Love


There are reasons sometimes to quit what we are in, at times it may be boring, at times more than time consuming, may i just say today to someone, quitting is not the solution to the problems. A lot of us believe that when a relationship gets harder that is the point it is showing/telling you to give up, wrong i say, the power to overcoming your toughness in a relationship is loving and keep up care, keep up patience, keep up the unselfishness going, be the one that give and be the one that does good no matter the cause. See a lot of us are where we are because we are practically afraid to do what is perfectly right, that is to love even though it means you have to give in, the power of love is with you as an individual, so what is it going to be? run or love and enjoy the fruits of hard labor? be blessed and be a blessing

Talking Peace


There is a powerful statement that is made by corporate people and this statement has been a subject of many politicians who have tried to sabotage the power of corporate voice. Peace has began to talk its own language, neither extremist forces against it/politicians that are sited around tables making and drafting laws that oppose peace can understand this language, it is however that the masses/the people understand it better as they are the inventors of such a language. We mourn the dead and we believe that the price that has been paid is a black mark to stain peace, however the case peace can not be stained and it can not be tamed, no matter how much of force an extremist/terrorist organisation tends to give itself, peace remains the powerful tool that the people have, they speak peace, people initiate it, they know it, therefore it is again the people that are on the table right now negotiating peace, new weapons of mass destruction invented or yet to be invented are never the power to destruct peace, the power of the people will speak volumes of peace and that time to do so is now.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC articles on first the President of Kenya’s declaration of a three day mourn for the lives lost during extremists attacks and Iran saying it is ready to discuss its nuclear weapons program 

Calculated Sucess


There are things in life that you may wish that if there was just that simple touch, just that move, just that push your life or business would have taken a turn for the better, may i just say you are not yet lost/hope is not yet lost because you still have that ability to do so. Most of our ideas today are not making it because we do not calculate the right moves towards them, we do not have time to make those calculations that will yield that profit, businessman/woman, entrepreneurs and business leaders today fail because they just want instant results, Mathematically you should have a formula for an equation, so is business/that idea you have. If you calculate it right, it will make you right and it will work for you right, its not mixing one and two that makes simple maths, it is how you make a move that is well calculated that brings you the best success in life, that simple i call calculated success, i have it, Do you?

Tender Love


Most of us today are just so afraid of being in relationships/they are afraid of getting out of those they are in right now, may i just be a little help to someone today. Love is tender in all ways, just always make good use of your language as love is also a language, most of us do not know how to reconcile our differences in our relationships, we argue not because we are not loving, we argue because of our language we use and the language we use destroys each other’s confidence in our relationships. Let us all be careful of the words we use in our relationships, lets be tender in our love language as i tell you in this, you are sweetly in the tenderness of love, be blessed and be a blessing

Sympathetic Peace


We are a people and we are a nation/nations that thrive at all cost to be the best in life, no matter our differences politically, religiously and any other difference that may lead our cause for peace to be unjustifiable, we are still determined to make the peace road-map a reality. There is no doubt in the efforts that the masses make to negotiate peace, our strong governments/political leaders who may have veered of the peace road in the past, today recognize the need of solidarity with the masses to negotiate peace once and for all. Despite forces that fight against the power and the will of the people we will not get tired to negotiate in every means with the power of the masses we will win the fight against terror, yes there may be organisations that may think that the discomfort of peace may give them the right to terrorize peace, the masses will decide and at the end of it all the people will win, and there will not be any terrorism organisation that will be more powerful than the will of the people, peace is sympathetic at this time for lives that have been lost in the process of its negotiation, as a result it is assured that the masses will see peace just in a short while.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Kenyan forces in control of the Nairobi mall 24/09/13

The Mind of Success


The thought is the biggest weapon that man/woman have, a lot of times from a thought a dream is born, from a dream a vision is seen, from a vision a business/an empire is born. Most of us today are just not thinkers, we have failed to do the best in our thoughts, hence there are no things that we dream about, we are yet to start thinking then and then we can start dreaming. Success is hidden somewhere, yes if you find that place where success is hidden then that is when you start succeeding, may i just say to someone, you could have been successful 10-15 years ago if only you started thinking by then. However it is not too late for you, start from today to think and while you are at it start dreaming, further that with pursuing what you think of and dream of, i have started thinking of my next business move i know its going to work and tonight im going to dream about it, what about you?