Love like a candle


In most cases we are just tired to do what is right because we believe that it is right, we do what is wrong and complain when consequences of our actions catch up with us. Love is more like a candle if not lit, it is just wax and thread, but when lit it is light to the space given, though deem, the candle symbolizes tenderness of light, at times we have used a candle for just romantic dinners, romantic exchanges and so on, how many of us do really mean what they light the candle for? most of us are in relationships for just routine’s sake, they are just there because they have to fulfill a certain need in life, either a sexual need or just the part of you having a man/woman in your life. May i just say to someone today love is more than what you think you are in a relationship for. Without tenderness you can not love, without meekness/gentleness you can not love, without patience you are not fit to love, without forgiveness you fail the test of love, without giving your exam in love is void, so what are you? a lover or something else, ill leave you to figure that out yourself, be blessed and be a blessing.


3 thoughts on “Love like a candle

    • Thank you Malie its such inspiring to know and recognize that you are part of those people that log on to my blog, thank you ever so much i believe that your comment will help someone as well on the blog, as well to say that your comment is much more valuable to myself as i also learn and develop from my blog, thank you again stay in love keep its benefits and all of us will be happy and great lovers, love Edwin

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