Humanitarian Peace


It is our legal right as humanity to access all peaceful means, it is also our notable differences that makes this world a more exciting place to live in. Today our politicians have taken the mandate and oath to divide the world, not putting solemnly the whole blame to such people that we call our representatives in parliaments across the globe, but to give that blame as well to some of our humanitarian ideas that we come up with as people all in the name of religion. Peace is nether for the politician nor for a religious folk, it is the verdict given by the people, at the end of such a ruff road to peace the people will come out with victories, politicians and religious folk have to understand that the power of peace is with humanity, not within political and religious laws, Peace for humanity is what the people crave and cry for.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on car bomb blasts that claimed dozens of lives in Baghdad Iraq 30.09.13


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