Glory of Success


It is hard to define at times how we feel about failure, most people will just think it is embarrassing, most will think it is humiliating, well all this is not as good as one thinks failure is painful. I am one person that can tell you today that failing is not an easy thing that just goes by easily, failure lives with you and to say it is painful, yes i may agree and say indeed failing is like a scar/wound, Success on the other hand is so sweet it makes one feel on top of the world, however most of us want to succeed on top of failures, the only way to succeed is to live your life as there was no yesterday, yes you messed up the last time but you have another chance make it right, i am in my glorious zone of success because i have mastered not to fail my future because of my past. I have the glory of success and i glow big time, do you?


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